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Woven Swing with Backrest Custom Order - Bharadwaj B

Woven Swing with Backrest Custom Order - Bharadwaj B

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The perfect swing for a Adults and kids or as a porch bench - through its original design, will perfectly fit into all kinds of interiors.


Swing, SIZE:
β€’ Width: 60cm (24

β€’ Length: 153 cm (60”)
β€’ Thickness: 50 mm (2”)
β€’ Weight: 15 kgΒ 
β€’ Holds up to 280 kg

Backrest Size:
β€’ Length: 153 (60”)
β€’ Height: Β 31CM (12”)

β€’ Length: 4m (13 ft)
β€’ Diameter: 12 mm (0,47”)
β€’ End treatment: transparent shrink tube.

USAGE πŸ§‘β€πŸ”§
β€’ Fix the hanging rope to your ceiling.
β€’ Insert the rope in the specially cut slots that are located at both ends of the Bench.
β€’ Straighten the board, adjust the ropes and enjoy the swing to the fullest!.

We suggest choosing ceiling fixtures with stainless steel and curl hooks to install the swing bench with ease.

β€’ A handmade product: each Swing is handcrafted and checked by our team.
β€’ All swings are made with care from sustainably sourced Acacia Wood.
β€’ The rope is made from natural hemp that is an eco-friendly and very durable material.
β€’ The advantage of this rope, which makes it very appreciated, is very low stretching, robustness, grippy, and abrasion resistance.

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